Leading a Healthy Lifestyle with Kids

Common excuses I hear day to day about why it is too hard to lead a healthy lifestyle is that clients have little ones running around.

Friends, here is the honest truth: your kids should be the reason why you live a healthy lifestyle!

Finding time to exercise and eat right is the best example you can set forth for them. Today, I’d like to share a few tips of how to do exactly so.

Get them moving with you. Find a time during the day that you can hop on your bikes, go for a walk, or a time when they can join you for an at-home workout. They’ll see it as fun time with mom, and you’ll be able to get that sweat session in that you need to feel great.

Involve them in the meal prepping. We often stress about our picky eaters, but involving them in the process of making meals can help with this and teach the importance of eating right! Have them chop the veggies if they’re older, or ask for help to stir ingredients in a bowl for the young ones. If this just isn’t your cup of tea, have them talk with you as you prep the meal. They’ll be watching, learning, and growing!

Explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. When my kids were younger, “why?” was their favorite thing to say. Let’s keep that inquisitive gene alive and well by explaining why we need to stay moving during the day and why it’s important to fuel our bodies. They may not appreciate the information at the time, but you are teaching them things that will be so important as they grow older.

It isn’t only possible to lead a healthy lifestyle with kids, but it is necessary. Our actions speak louder than our words, and our kids are watching!